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Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re looking for superb salon services, visit MINK Beauty Lounge in Park Ridge, New Jersey today. One beauty treatment can make a whole of difference, come in to meet our beauty experts!

What Our Clients Say

“Luv Paula and the gang...all of u are so talented...thnx Daisy for keeping me company and chatting. All the best of luck with MINK Beauty’s beautiful!” 

– Tara M.

“My hair is perfection! Thank you Paula & Daisy!!!!”

– Marlo B.

“I am lost for words. Nothing can describe how wonderful this salon is! I absolutely love everything! I thought I was in heaven. The salon is very beautiful and the staff is great at what they do! You go in there and you leave out there like a brand new person. Daisy did my hair during the winter. And I loved it! I definitely recommend this place to everyone I know. And I will definitely be coming back to MINK Beauty Lounge to get my hair done again.”

– Leslie P.

“If I had describe my experience at MINK Beauty Lounge in 1 word, it would've "life-changing". I have struggled for over a decade to find a colorist and stylist that would understand exactly what I want and I'm happy to say I found her! Christina is a true artist her hands are magic! The overall experience at the salon is like going to a spa, the staff is so accommodating and pleasant. From the moment you walk in, you are totally taken care of! From sipping bubbly in the ultra chic back hard while waiting for your hair to process to delicious espresso brewed fresh, this salon is truly an experience. I love that MINK offers a variety of products suited for various needs, they showed and explained to me an organic line they carry. It really makes a client feel like they are in "good hands" when your colorist tells you exactly what they are doing and what it's made off. From the consultation to the process itself, I feel like a brand new me every single time I come here. By far the best salon in all of NJ, if you are looking for a new salon, search is over!”

– Anna G.

“Christina was amazing. My beloved stylist left the country and even though I usually only visit a salon twice a year it's important that on those two occasions it's 100% right. So, looks like I found my new stylist, Thank you Karina, you're a gem, and who knows I may make it in more than twice!”

– Abbi H.

“Paula has been my rockstar stylist for about 10 years now. I have followed her many times and now to the incredible MINK Beauty Lounge in Park Ridge. Get there early and chill (champagne maybe?) then stay for the perfect color and the relaxing massage in the shampoo area. Paula is a master at her craft and everyone works together to create an amazing experience.”

– Christine R.

“Amazing experience at this salon! I came the first time to color my hair from brown to blonde and I was so pleased with the results! The stylists were incredible they knew exactly what they were doing. The atmosphere is lovely and you really feel like a million dollars here with all the glamorous decor! I highly recommend MINK Beauty Lounge if you want the best hair results!”

– Veronika O.

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